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Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking pictures of people on the street

I like to take pictures of interesting people on the street. I've captured many different kinds of people all over San Diego. The homeless and public transit riders offer the best and most real people.

Sometimes I ask permission first, and that's important. I've been aggressively questioned when I didn't. The problem with asking though is people pose, so I click then ask permission showing them the picture. This can diffuse the situation if they see you before you can ask. This guy is an example of going from aggressive to cooperative, but he's also an example of posing.

I can't answer the question about releases. I'm not familiar with the legal issues. I do know that since these pictures aren't used for commercial purposes I'm OK. If I ever did though I'd have to find them again to sign one.

This guy is one of my favorite people I came across. When I approached him he was eating a 7-Eleven taco with his belongings on the sidewalk. He was very lonely and talked my ear off about his homelessness.

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